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Slow Money founder Woody Tasch’s new book SOIL/2017: Notes Towards the Theory and Practice of Nurture Capital will be released October 16 at our event.

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SOIL 2017

You are cordially invited to join us in Boulder, CO, October 16-17 to explore the relationship between the actual soil and the soil of a restorative economy.

Slow Money Journal

Voices of folks who want to know where their food comes from, where their money goes, and how we can all work together to fix the economy from the ground up.

Since 2010, over $57 million has been invested in more than 632 local and organic food enterprises through our network.

We all know it’s important to reduce dysfunction in our national political and financial systems, but it’s just as important—maybe even more important—to invest in the future we all want to see in our communities. A healthy local food system is the place to start. Through local networks, public meetings large and small, and lots of peer-to-peer learning, we’ve steered more than $57 million into more than 632 small food enterprises near where we live.

Two Roots Farm

In Carbondale, Colorado, Harper and Christian received a $7,500 loan to help them purchase materials for a mobile walk-in cooler and drip-irrigation system.

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Jackie Smith

In Lawrence, Kansas, a $45,000 loan enabled Jackie to expand her Animal Welfare Approved lamb products into 15 states.

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Boulted Bread

In Raleigh, North Carolina, a $22,000 loan allowed Sam, Fulton and Josh to construct a custom stone mill and launch Boulted Bread.

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Let’s fix the economy from the ground up, starting with food.

Do you believe that your health, the economy’s health and the environment’s health would all be significantly improved if there were a million new small and mid-sized organic farms in the United States? Join in and get started:

Slow Money Local Groups

Local Groups

We have 17 local networks and 11 investment clubs, with more in formation.

Find others like you who are leading the charge in the local food system and the local economy by checking out the Slow Money map!

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Recent Articles and Updates

White nationalists rally on the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville, Va. (left) | The Skokans, Black Cat Farm & Black Cat Farm Table Bistro (right)

Roots of Violence, Seeds of Peace

Too often, violence is in our face. Charlottesville. Las Vegas. North Korea nuclear saber rattling. And too often, it’s as quiet as an algorithm. As innocuous as a drive to the supermarket. As shelf-stable as a Twinkie.
Marie Curie, a very prudent woman, theorizing with Henri Poincaré at the first Solvay Conference in 1911.

The Prudent Woman

The world of investing abides by various rules. Some are defined and articulated in formal legislation and regulations, while others are based on customs, common practices, and opinions expressed by jurists in court cases. The expectation of “prudence” in financial management is one such case.
Daphne Miller, MD

A Conversation With Dr. Daphne Miller

People are getting so sick because they aren’t connected to a healthy food system. Medicine is putting out fires, it gets to people way too late. We need to work upstream, outside the medical model.
Jarred Maxwell (left) and Tandem Farm Co. owner Jordan Bednar (right)

The Right Shirt

One of the most difficult things I’ve experienced
 about working within the Slow Money community is
 the uncertainty that comes with trying to move in a
 fundamentally new direction.