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We must bring money back down to earth.

Fast money and fast food are destroying our communities, our health, and our soil.

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Fixing the economy from the ground up

Starting with food

Building local food systems is one of the most direct, powerful ways to begin addressing critical challenges of our time—climate change, health, community resilience. Since 2010, over $57 million has been invested in more than 625 organic farms and food enterprises, via dozens of local Slow Money groups around the country (and a few abroad).

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  • Two Roots Farm

    In Carbondale, Colorado, Harper and Christian received a $7,500 loan to help them purchase materials for a mobile walk-in cooler and drip-irrigation system.

  • Central Grazing Company

    In Lawrence, Kansas, a $45,000 low-interest loan enabled Jackie to expand her Animal Welfare Approved lamb products into 15 states.

  • Re:Vision

    In Denver, Re:Vision received a $65,000 grant to develop the Westwood Food Cooperative, one of the first cooperatives in the country owned and operated by a low-income community.

  • Bahner Farm

    In Maine, a $7,000 low-interest loan enabled Bahner Farm to purchase a box truck so they could expand sales at farmers markets.

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Join the movement that is supporting the next generation of farmers and food entrepreneurs, connecting us to the places where we live and the land.

SOIL by Woody Tasch

This is a call to farms”

Poetry, essays, photos and more

Since 2009, Slow Money founder Woody Tasch has been at the forefront of a new economic story—a story about bringing our money back down to earth. His first book sparked a movement. His second book carries his thought leadership forward.

"A must read—fun, provocative, inspiring—for all who care about food, finance, culture and soil."

—Leslie Christian, Northstar Asset Management

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Through public meetings large and small, and peer-to-peer relationships, Slow Money local groups catalyze the direct flow of capital to organic farmers and food entrepreneurs. See if there's a local group near you!

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Slow Money North Carolina leader Carol Hewitt and Boulted Bread cofounder Fulton Forde.

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Agricultural Innovation with John-Paul Maxfield

John-Paul founded Waste Farmers with $9,000 and a belief that idealism and capitalism can coexist. Waste Farmers has evolved into an innovator respected by leaders in the global community for developing simple solutions to the complex problems of modern agriculture and food security.


We can’t all be Noam Chomsky or Ayn Rand or Wendell Berry or Bingo Pajama,¹ but that doesn’t mean each and every one of us can’t get the hint. We need a new story. Maybe even a new myth. We need to rediscover imagination.

The Future of Urban Farming

Some sights in the neighborhood were so common that I had stopped noticing them; but then one day they came into view. While driving down Harold Street on the way to my cousin’s house, I noticed a vacant lot on my left and then, just a block down, I saw two large vacant lots on my right.

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For every $1 donated to Slow Money, $11 flows to local food systems through our network.

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