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A vital link in the movement

Renowned thought leaders and financiers, along with local farmers

Our national gatherings inspire and connect a family of local Slow Money networks. Since 2009, we’ve held six national gatherings—Santa Fe, Shelburne Farms (VT), San Francisco, Boulder (twice), and Louisville, KY. The gatherings have garnered significant media coverage, from outlets including The New York Times, Barron’s, The Denver Post, San Francisco Chronicle, The Wall Street Journal, KCBS TV, and Forbes.

Bill McKibben

What a pleasure to be part of a gathering that wasn’t just talking about the future but bending it! Slow Money is one of the keys to a healthy future.

Bill McKibben

The two Slow Money gatherings I attended were so compelling, so inspiring, so empowering, and yet so down-to-earth that it was impossible to walk away unchanged.

Nancy Thellman
County Commissioner, Douglas County, KS

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