Stock Exchange

$617 billion, $.20/lb. and A New Kind of Coin

The impulse to write today comes, as it did a few weeks ago, from two news stories. The first is from Bloomberg, which reported yesterday on mistaken stock trading orders to the tune of $617 billion—yes, that’s billion with a “b”, just like it’s trillion with a “t” when we are talking about the cost of wars and hundreds of “t’s” when we are talking about the cloud of derivatives that blankets the financial heavens.

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Blaming, bombing, droning … investing.

I was watching the news this morning over my coffee and listening to a brief mention of Quaker lobbying on Capitol Hill for peace initiatives in the Middle East, to which the commentator immediately offered the following knee-jerk, supposedly un-trumpable retort: “But what about ISIS? Isn’t military response to ISIS completely justifiable and needed?” There […]

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A Young Agrarian Land Covenant

Food for Thought, For Becoming at Home in Our Place, For Thoughtfulness in Producing Food With future generations in mind, may my family and friends never leave the land we steward poorer, nor its water scarcer than conditions were before we acquired responsibility for their care. May we keep land meant to be farmed from […]