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Our events

The slow money movement in action

Renowned thought leaders and financiers, along with local farmers. Our events inspire and connect a family of local Slow Money networks.

Louisville 2014 National Gathering

“What a pleasure to be part of a gathering that wasn’t just talking about the future but bending it! Slow Money is one of the keys to a healthy future.”

Bill McKibben

Convening and inspiring

Bringing together a broad spectrum of stakeholders, from fiduciaries to farmers, is essential to the approach Slow Money takes in creating an environment for nuanced, authentic public dialogues about food, investing, and culture.

These conversations have proven their transformative power. Slow Money events, both local and national, have welcomed tens of thousands of attendees across numerous communities. These gatherings serve as a vital complement to the local Slow Money networks and investment clubs.

Our events have garnered significant media coverage

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“The future will be made by the hands of farmers, visionaries and those who put their prayers in Mother Earth. That’s the story we are unfolding.”

Winona LaDuke
Co-founder, Honor the Earth

Highlights from past events

Relive the excitement and energy of previous events.

  • Winona LaDuke

    Winona LaDuke

    Keynote address
  • Joel Salatin

    Joel Salatin

    Keynote address
  • Vandana Shiva

    Vandana Shiva

    Keynote address
  • Woody Tasch

    Woody Tasch

    Welcoming remarks
  • Marco Vangelisti

    Marco Vangelisti

    Keynote address
  • Douglas Gayeton

    Douglas Gayeton

    Keynote address
  • GMOs featuring Vandana Shiva

    GMOs featuring Vandana Shiva

    Panel conversation
  • Investing featuring Amy Domini

    Investing featuring Amy Domini

    Panel conversation
  • A Conversation with Wendell Berry, Chellie Pingree and Greg Fischer

    A Conversation with Wendell Berry, Chellie Pingree and Greg Fischer

    Panel conversation
  • Livestock


    Entrepreneur presentations
  • Land


    Entrepreneur presentations
  • Urban Agriculture

    Urban Agriculture

    Entrepreneur presentations
  • Processing & Distribution

    Processing & Distribution

    Entrepreneur presentations