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SOIL: Notes Towards the Theory and Practice of Nurture Capital


Notes Towards the Theory and Practice of Nurture Capital

It is about billions and trillions of dollars in the global economy, and billions and trillions of microbes in healthy, fertile soil. It is also about Slow Opportunities for Investing Locally, SOIL, community groups making 0% loans to organic farms and local food systems in Colorado.

Chuck Collins

Tasch has penned a spectacularly original and entertaining book that connects the dots, keeps you smiling, and lifts up the best of regenerative agriculture, nurture capital, and community resilience. From this imaginative platform springs the new story, the new mythology required to sustain our beings.

Chuck Collins
Program Director, Institute for Policy Studies; author, Born on Third Base (Boston, MA)
Daniel Boese

This is Walden for the 21st century. Hands-on-hope, immensely uplifting, full of provocative poetry and enlightening prose. The more we start walking this path, the more we start solving the crises of climate, agriculture and finance—crises that seemed mindbogglingly unsolvable before you read SOIL: Notes Towards the Theory and Practice of Nurture Capital.

Daniel Boese
Journalist (Hamburg, Germany)

Poetic, photographic, philosophical

And “lively serious”

“A tour de force of activism and empowerment. A healing and wise elixir for head-hands-heart.”

—Odessa Piper, Founder, L’Etoile restaurant (Madison, WI)

“Woody Tasch is one part visionary, one part entrepreneur, one part poet, and one part whimsy. Read it slowly and savor!”

—Gary Nabhan, McArthur Fellow, Author, Professor, University of Arizona

Leslie Christian

We need new economic thinking. Meta-economic thinking. Thinking that can get us from the Prudent Man Rule to the Prudent Woman Rule. Tasch has named it: nurture capital. This book is a major new work by someone who is taking his place among some of our most important public intellectuals and activists. A must read—fun, provocative, inspiring—for all who care about food, finance, culture and soil.

Leslie Christian
Northstar Asset Management (Seattle, WA)
Eliot Coleman

I love fertile soil, and, as much, I love fertile minds. Woody Tasch has one. His heart ain’t bad, either. He puts both to marvelous, and very important, effect in this book. It is a vital next step for all of us who care about food, farms, slow money and what lies ahead.

Eliot Coleman
Author and farmer (Harborside, ME)

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Woody Tasch

About the author

Woody Tasch is the founder and chairman of the Slow Money Institute. Since 2010, via local Slow Money networks in dozens of communities in the U.S. and a few in Canada, France and Australia, over $66 million has gone to 697 small, local and organic food enterprises. Tasch is former chairman of Investors’ Circle, a nonprofit angel network that has facilitated more than $200 million of investments in over 300 early-stage, sustainability-promoting companies. Utne Reader named him “One Of 25 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World.”

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