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My Agricultural Grandparents

The Simple Has Been Made Complicated

We live in a world in which the complicated has been made simple and the simple has been made complicated. Pushing the power button on your computer, simple. Having an authentic conversation with your neighbor, complicated. Buying a bag of potato chips, simple. Growing potatoes in your front yard, complicated.

The Alt-Investor and “Fake” Market Returns

The notions of “alt-right,” “alt–National Park Service,” and other similar concepts, along with the idea of
 “fake” news, recently got me thinking about my own
 work, and about how there’s something edgy,
 subversive, and radical about investing in soil.

Bringing My Money Closer To Home

Henry David Thoreau lived 200 years ago, but his influence continues, inspiring the likes of Tolstoy, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., E.F. Schumacher, Wendell Berry, and Bill McKibben, to name an illustrious few.

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  1. Gardening has so many aspects that you can’t simply “inherit” the whole knowledge from your grandparents. Books are always necessary. Given that in the past the two major gardening revolutions were situated in England and France you really chose your books well there. I have been going through various French gardeners and literature when I was young and relatively inexperienced(I’m from UK). You simply can’t acquire all the knowledge through raw experience or people. Excellent read, got me nostalgic.

    Regards, Irvine, a long time gardener 🙂

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