SOIL/2017 Cover

“I love fertile soil, and, as much, I love fertile minds. Woody Tasch has one. His heart ain’t bad, either. He puts both to marvelous, and very important, effect in this book. It is a vital next step for all of us who care about food, farms, slow money and what lies ahead.”

ELIOT COLEMANAuthor, The New Organic Grower


Notes Towards the Theory and Practice of Nurture Capital
by Woody Tasch

COMING SOON Publishing date: October 15, 2017

The book will be available for purchase at our upcoming event in Boulder and thereafter.

Leslie Christian

“We need new economic thinking. Meta-economic thinking. Thinking that can get us from the Prudent Man Rule to the Prudent Woman Rule. Tasch has named it: nurture capital. This book is a major new work by someone who is taking his place among some of our most important public intellectuals and activists. A must read—fun, provocative, inspiring—for all who care about food, finance, culture and soil.”

Leslie Christian‎Investment Advisor, Northstar Asset Management
Martin Ping

“The mix of poetry and pragmatism in Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money sparked a movement. The poetry and pragmatism, herein, are even more beautiful, more powerful. This is our next clarion call to farms.”

Martin PingExecutive Director, Hawthorne Valley Association