In Boulder, Taber received a 0% loan so she could organize a coop for small goat dairy producers on the Front Range.


Slow Opportunities for Investing Locally

A new way for us Coloradans to put a little of our money to work in things we understand, near where we live, starting with food.

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Since 2010, over $57 million has been invested in over 625 small food enterprises through our network.

This is the Slow Money movement. In 2015, we launched the 2Forks Club in Carbondale. In 2017, we’re getting ready to launch SOIL — Slow Opportunities for Investing Locally. SOIL will aggregate charitable contributions of all sizes and then make 0% loans to small food enterprises. Over time, as loans are repaid, new loans made, and new contributions received, SOIL can grow into a significant resource in support of local food systems in Colorado. A key feature of SOIL is: one person, one vote, whether you contribute $250 or $2,500.

Two Roots Farm

In Carbondale, Colorado, Harper and Christian received a 0% loan to help them purchase materials for a mobile walk-in cooler and drip-irrigation system.


In Denver, a 0% loan is helping Re:Vision launch the city’s first grocery store that is owned and operated by a community living in a food desert.

Zephyros Farm

In Paonia, a 0% loan enabled Daphne and Don of Zephyros Farm and Garden to purchase a used refrigerated truck, which has allowed them to triple the number of florists they reach with deliveries of their organic flowers.

Amy Divine

“I am excited to be a founding member of SOIL. What holds more promise, on so many levels, than putting carbon back into the soil, improving access to healthy food and joyfully collaborating to rebuild community?”

Amy DivinePrivate Investor
Taber Ward

“The 0% loan we received from Slow Money has been absolutely crucial to the launch of our new cooperative.”

Taber WardMountain Flower Goat Dairy (Boulder)
MM Local

In Denver, MM Local’s 0% loan played a key role facilitating a next round of financing.

Poudre Valley Community Farms

In Fort Collins, a 0% loan to Poudre Valley Community Farms was part of a larger process of local financing for the community ownership of farmland.

In Carbondale, a 0% loan helped Jimmy finance irrigation and other equipment for his grafting and compost tea business.

Launch Committee

Brian Coppom

Brian Coppom

Boulder County Farmers’ Market

Amy Divine

Amy Divine

Local investor

Woody Tasch

Woody Tasch

Founder, Slow Money Institute

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