National Gathering in Santa Fe

Many of you will have seen the “buzz” we shared the other day – articles in several major periodicals and lots of great feedback from attendees at the inaugural event in Santa Fe. The Wall Street Journal, The L.A. Times, Business Week online, Time online. And many, many wonderful testimonials.

The kind of sharing that occurred at the event in Santa Fe is something I’ve only experienced before in networks that have been evolving together for years.

Slow Money’s first steps into public life – our campaign to get one million signatories for the Slow Money Principles, on our way to a million members who contribute more than $25 million per year of seed funding for the nurture capital industry – were marked by something more than robust dialogue and shared sense of purpose. They were marked by something that can only be called culture.

  • As in, putting the culture back into agriculture.
  • As in, putting the seed back into seed capital.
  • As in, local is the distance the heart can travel.
  • As in, Robert Mirabal’s ceremonial passing of the blue corn.
  • As in, a day spent exploring Food, Money and Soil with leading practitioners from across the country, and framing, together, the vision of a non-extractive, nonviolent economy.
  • As in, the inspiration of 26 small food entrepreneurs who presented everything from local burgers to local milk processing to inner city food stores to rural coops to organic milk, and, in so doing, pointed in the direction of healthy local food systems.

I cannot tell you how many times in the last several months, folks have said, “Slow Money is on to something. You are really on to something.”

We are on to something and it was present in Santa Fe.

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