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Winter 2016/17

Zoe Bradbury


Zoë Bradbury

Farmer & writer

Since 2008, Zoë has run a diversified fresh-market farm on the southern Oregon coast. She has a master’s degree in Community Change and Food Systems, is a Kellogg Food and Society Policy Fellow, and coedited Greenhorns: 50 Dispatches from the New Farmers’ Movement.



Food, Community, Justice

by Gary Paul Nabhan

Gary Paul Nabhan, a MacArthur Fellow and director of the Center for Regional Food Studies at the University of Arizona, reflects upon community-based food relocalization in Tucson, Arizona.

Terra Madre


commons nth

by Woody Tasch

Life after fast food, fast money, rogue computer algorithms, CDOs, GMOs, high-fructose corn syrup, food deserts, Desert Storms, capitalism, socialism, globalization run amok, and all those mutual funds, pension funds, endowments, and other ungodly humongous institutional pools of capital that may or may not ever find their way to conscientious investing, saying “No!” to oil and “Yes!” to soil

Frederick Kirschenmann


From Soil to Sustainability

by Fred Kirschenmann

Fred Kirschenmann, president of Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, traces the arc of sustainable agriculture and soil stewardship.

Two Roots Farm

Investment Tracking

Two Roots Farm

Harper Kaufman and Christian La Bar

After graduating from the University of Montana, Harper and Christian knew they wanted to own and operate their own farm—but the road to get there was not clear. They afford us a glimpse into the challenges and successes of their farming journey.

Palm Oil Plantation

Report from the Field

A Refugee From Conventional Finance

by Marco Vangelisti

Marco Vangelisti, co-leader of Slow Money Northern California and a former institutional equities manager, shares his journey from conventional finance to Slow Money.



A Slow Money Reader

by Odessa Piper

Odessa, founder of L’Etoile, a pioneering farm-to-table restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin, sees a handful of her favorite books through a Slow Money lens.

This Journal, like the public conversation that it reflects, is just what we need. Authentic, nuanced, provocative, informative.

– Eliot Coleman, Author of the New Organic Grower

Eliot Coleman
Hawthorne Valley
Hawthorne Valley

Report from the Field

Patient Capital Preserves Soil

by Martin Ping

Martin describes farmland preservation efforts around Hawthorne Valley, where he runs a nonprofit promoting social and cultural renewal.

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