Slow Money

Over $40 million has been invested in more than 400 small food enterprises around the United States.

From a co-op in North Carolina to an urban farming enterprise in Colorado empowering low-income families to an organic manure company in California, our network is supporting some of the nation's most promising local and organic food entrepreneurs.

Below are highlights of investment activity in several regions:

Maine Grains

Maine Grains

Skowhegan, ME

Funding: $705,000 in loans and help securing $664,000 in grants

About: A wholesale manufacturing facility producing stone-milled organic grains, all locally grown

“Traditional financing just wasn’t an option. Slow Money solutions have proven to be the biggest source of capital for the mill.”


TS Designs

TS Designs

Burlington, NC

Funding: $30,000 to finance the first certified organic cotton grown in North Carolina

About: Organic cotton t-shirts using a non-toxic printing process

“This financing was critical to move this project ahead and keep the organic cotton fiber in North Carolina. Working with Slow Money NC was the logical financing source: local people loaning for local needs.”



Shepherd's Way Farms

Nerstrand, MN

Funding: $650,000 to finance rebuilding after a fire

About: They raise sheep, milk sheep, and make their milk into award-winning cheese

“Slow Money saved our farm.”


Mamma Chia

Mamma Chia

Carlsbad, CA

Funding: $498,000

About: The organic food and beverage company that originated the chia beverage category

“I consider attendance at Slow Money’s inaugural National Gathering to be one of the formative events of my life.”



Snowville Creamery

Pomeroy, OH

Funding: $100,000 to buy processing equipment and a new milk truck

About: A small dairy operation that is working to produce a model of non-GMO and organic milk production that can be replicated nationwide

Point Reyes

Point Reyes Compost Co.

Point Reyes, CA

Funding: $200,000 from 11 individuals

About: Organic manure compost for home and garden

"Nothing brings our money back down to earth more than a composting company. We were very pleased to provide support and to do so via an innovative royalty structure.”

–Marco Vangelisti, Slow Money Northern California


Field Day Family Farm

Louisville, KY

Funding: $7,250 loan to build two winter greenhouses and hire extra hands

About: An organic CSA farm

"Winter time production is risky. With a Slow Money loan, I'll be able to hire extra help to pay more attention to those crops, make sure greenhouse doors are closed and frost blankets are in place.”

–Ivor Chodkowski


Ozuké Pickled Things

Boulder, CO

Funding: $21,000

About: Organic and non-gmo raw krauts and kim chi.

"The Slow Money loan we received was instrumental in getting some much-needed production equipment to streamline our pickling process.”

–Willow King

Jupiter Cafe

Jupiter Cafe

Talent, OR

Funding: $20,000

About: A small family owned and operated cafe with a focus on fresh, local, seasonal and organic

Below are additional examples of investment activity in several regions:

IN MAINE, members of the Slow Money network have provided $9.7 million to over 70 small food enterprises and also launched two investment clubs: No Small Potatoes Investment Club, which has made 23 microloans totaling $105,000, and Maine Organic Lenders, which has made 6 loans totaling $87,000.

IN NORTH CAROLINA, more than 145 loans ranging from $500 to $25,000, and totaling more than $1.2 million, have been made to over 60 small food enterprises, from beekeepers to small farmers, from a food co-op to an organic cotton clothing maker.

IN COLORADO, investment clubs have been formed in Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins and Aspen. The 27 members of the Boulder club have made eight loans totaling $81,000 to such companies as LoCo Foods, Urban Farm Co., De La Chiva Goat Dairy and Ozuké Pickled Things.

IN NEW YORK, Slow Money members invested $25,000 in one of the largest organic rooftop gardens in the U.S., the Brooklyn Grange, which grows over 50,000 lbs. of produce per year.

IN CALIFORNIA, Slow Money members and event attendees have invested over $2 million, including investments in Farmhouse Culture, Catalán Family Farm, and People’s Community Market.

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