Slow Money Newsletter – September 2012

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The Slow Money Letter September 2012
Woody Tasch

Woody Tasch

Dear Slow Money Friend,

We’ve passed the $20 million mark. That’s right. Over the past two years, more than $20 million has flowed, via Slow Money activities, into 170 small food enterprises across the United States. We now have 14 chapters and six investment clubs, with more on the way. Read letter.

Biodiversity vs Monoculture

Biodiversity vs Monoculture: Small organic farms like Rick Knoll’s result in fewer pollutants, less environmental degradation, and cleaner air. Photography by Douglas Gayeton.

Castanea Foundation and Creamery Form Ag Investment Model

A shortage of goat milk was the beginning of an innovative investment currently midstride in Vermont. Allison Hooper and Bob Reese, co-owners of Vermont Creamery, wanted to invigorate dairy goat farming in their state. Read story.

Compost Company Strikes a Royalty Deal

Click to learn more about the compost royalty dealIs it possible to use cow manure to turn a profit? That’s the question entrepreneur Teddy Stray had mulled over for years on his wife’s multigenerational family ranch, renowned for its award-winning Pt. Reyes Farmstead Blue Cheese. Read story.


More than $3 million invested; Localization Partners formed; Slow Money Investment Club organized.
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Loans and grants totaling $3.8 million; third-annual Slow Money Maine event.
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Pioneer Valley
Slow Money Working Group started; Pilot Loan Fund and Community Capital projects underway.
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Pacific Northwest
More than $4 million invested; Farm Reserve Fund launched.
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St. Louis
Gateway Harvest food and farm investment club formed.
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October 16
Springfield, Mass.
November 8-9
Cavallo Point, Sausalito
From the Library

“The earth demands the labor of a true man, not the gyrations of a senseless machine, in order to give of her best, and thus quality in farming, as malnutrition has shown us to our bitter cost, must forever take precedence of quantity.” See more.

H.J. Massingham, Field Fellowship, (London: Chapman and Hall, 1942). Excerpt selected by Eliot Coleman, author of the Four Season Harvest and the New Organic Grower; founding member and board member of Slow Money.

Slow Money Minute

Video Embed

What does “bringing money back down to earth” mean to you? Please send us a video one minute or less in length, telling us how what you do in the world dovetails with the Slow Money Principles and vision.

Select the video above to watch the first-ever Slow Money Minute, by Lopa Brunjes.

Farm photography by Douglas Gayeton

Illustrations by Jere Dean / Urban Octopus

Slow Money Index

Number of potato varieties in cultivation today in the Andes: More than 5,000

Varieties accounting for 90% of U.S. commercial potato acreage: 5

Estimated New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) trading conducted by high-speed computer algorithms: 50-80%

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