January 2013: Slow Money Index

Modern Dairy, China, 2012 revenues: $270m

Modern Dairy, China, 2012 net income: $63m

Modern Dairy, China, number of farms: 20

Modern Dairy, China, number of cows: 159,000

Average number of cows per farm: 7,950

Organic Valley, US 2012 revenues: $860m

Organic Valley, US 2012 net income (est): $13m

Organic Valley, US number of farms: 1,491

Organic Valley, US number of cows: 116,298

Average number of cows per farm: 78

EPA threshold for being considered a “large” concentrated animal feeding operation:
1,000 cows per farm

Private Equity firm KKR’s investment in Modern Dairy, China: $266 million

Organic Valley, USA, total assets 2011: $180 million

Mentions of antibiotic or growth hormones on Modern Dairy’s website: 0

Use of antibiotics or growth hormones by Organic Valley owners/producers: 0

Percent of US antibiotic production used non-therapeutically for animal growth: 70%

Percent of antibiotics that pass through animal to environment, water and food supply: 90%

Percent of antibiotic resistance bacteria in animal feces after the animal has been treated with antibiotics for three months: 80%

Before treatment: 8.6%

Estimated manure produced by Modern Dairy per day: 19,080,000 lbs

Estimated feces produced by population of Beijing per day: 20,108,000 lbs



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