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Good Morning, Beautiful Business

A Lively Serious Look at the Question of Return

Salmon return. Boomerangs return. Hindus return. When things work out, investments return. Letters with insufficient postage return. So do infections, mosquitos, prodigal sons, wandering eyes, sideways glances, the hands of a clock, circular reasons, not-quite-infinite seasons, pendulums, memories, criminals to the scenes of their crimes, and stories to where they left off.

Scaling Global Solutions Is a Local Proposition

For many years, agriculture—or the production of food and fiber—has resulted in the massive degradation of billions of acres of land worldwide. Now, the same industry finally has been acknowledged as having the unique ability to sequester carbon through the improvement of soils.

The Simple Has Been Made Complicated

We live in a world in which the complicated has been made simple and the simple has been made complicated. Pushing the power button on your computer, simple. Having an authentic conversation with your neighbor, complicated. Buying a bag of potato chips, simple. Growing potatoes in your front yard, complicated.

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  1. I have been looking for a model like this for the past few years. THANK YOU for writing up the details of how a new paradigm for local economy can work. The devil is in the details as they say. Excellent! ~ Joni

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