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A Conversation with RSF Social Finance CEO Don Shaffer

Don has served as President & CEO of RSF Social Finance since 2007. He has been a social entrepreneur for many years, growing an education business, a software company, and a sporting goods manufacturer, in addition to the nonprofit Business Alliance for Local Living Economies. Don and the team at RSF are constantly asking the question, “How can we model financial transactions that are direct, transparent, personal, and based on long-term relationships?” Under Don’s leadership, RSF’s total assets have grown to over $160 million.

I Trust Cows More Than I Trust Chemists: A Conversation With Joan Gussow

How is it in this country we are so willing to look at technology and say that it will solve all of our problems? We always rush right in, let “progress” take over, and never imagine that it may have a negative effect on the overall society. I’m not sure why, but I felt this even in the very early days of the internet, when the excitement was so high.

Network Update: Slow Money Colorado

Slow Money activities in Colorado are on the upswing in a number of significant ways. This summer, the 2Forks club of Carbondale crossed $100,000 in capital and made its first loan: $23,500 to Zephyros Farm of Paonia, enabling the purchase of a used refrigerated truck. 2Forks is the first of 13 Slow Money investment clubs […]

Slow Money 2014 Highlights

  SLOW MONEY 2014 was our largest event to date, with over 850 attendees from 46 states, Canada and France, and 6,000 watching via live stream. Highlights included the successful completion of our first BEETCOIN campaign, the release of our first State of the Sector Report, and a series of Town Hall Meetings and entrepreneur […]

Slow Money Summer Update

Dear Slow Money Friend, Our summer was eventful and this fall is shaping up to be even more eventful. Over the past several months, our growth has continued apace. We’ve now got 20 local networks and 13 investment clubs, and we’ve passed $38 million in funding to 350 small food enterprises. Looking ahead, November’s gathering […]

September 2014: Network Updates

Slow Money Vermont Reported by Janice St. Onge Slow Money Vermont to launch in September.   Vermont is a hotbed of local food enterprises, which makes it an ideal place for Slow Money’s newest regional chapter: Slow Money Vermont. On September 16, 2014, Slow Money Founder and Chairman Woody Tasch will join Vermont local food […]

The Slow Money Letter: June 2014

The Slow Money Letter, June 2014   Of Algorithms, People and Knowledge by Woody Tasch — I arrived at this month’s inaugural Slow Money Canada meeting ready to share an excerpt of Michael Lewis’s new book, Flash Boys. Is there a more stark counterpoint for slow money, a better argument for bringing money back down […]

June 2014: Network Updates

Slow Money Southern California Reported by Alison Caldwell. Local Investment Networking Club of Orange County launched; Riverside County joined the SoCal network; San Diego delivered another successful event. Slow Money SoCal is growing strong at the center of local food and finance by building relationships between communities, entrepreneurs, and new investment opportunities. Slow Money SoCal […]

April 2014 Slow Money Letter

  April 2014 OPINION: From Bitcoin to Beets The recent collapse of Mt. Gox and the “inconvenience,” in its CEO’s words, caused by the disappearance of hundreds of millions of dollars of Bitcoin investors’ money, should make us all think about the history of finance and … organic beets. Read more » First Slow Money […]