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A Non-GMO Feed Hub For Kansas

Agricultural Innovation with John-Paul Maxfield

John-Paul founded Waste Farmers with $9,000 and a belief that idealism and capitalism can coexist. Waste Farmers has evolved into an innovator respected by leaders in the global community for developing simple solutions to the complex problems of modern agriculture and food security.


We can’t all be Noam Chomsky or Ayn Rand or Wendell Berry or Bingo Pajama,¹ but that doesn’t mean each and every one of us can’t get the hint. We need a new story. Maybe even a new myth. We need to rediscover imagination.

The Future of Urban Farming

Some sights in the neighborhood were so common that I had stopped noticing them; but then one day they came into view. While driving down Harold Street on the way to my cousin’s house, I noticed a vacant lot on my left and then, just a block down, I saw two large vacant lots on my right.

Reader Interactions


  1. A great big THANK YOU to all the Bauman family, again I say all the family, for helping feed my animals non GMO feed. What a blessing your hard working family is to the local farmers.

  2. I would love to buy non-gmo wheat flour for my baking. I don’t think I am the only baker out there who feels this way. A nice hard winter wheat. All the very best for your success!

  3. I am so pleased that this project was the winner of the funding.
    I live in the Canadian go canola belt and understand the situation the “conventional” farmers are in.
    I knew right away these people were the real thing and the best example to everyone who learned of their goals and needs, as well as those around them. Ethical primary producers!

  4. I would love to be able to buy feed for my animals that does not include GM products. I don’t think people realize how bad they are. Monsanto et al has literally bought the politicians. Mike Pompeo from Kansas is the biggest sponsor of the DARK bill. Keep up the good work. Hope to hear that the product is available to Kansas soon.

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