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Investment Summary

Through Slow Money national gatherings, regional events and local activities, more than $39 million has been invested in over 391 small food enterprises since mid-2010.

Here are a few examples of Slow Money investments that have been made:














Below are additional examples of investment activity in several regions:

IN VERMONT, $280,000 was invested in Green Mountain Organic Creamery after they presented at the Slow Money 2nd National Gathering. Located in Hinesberg, VT, the local dairy was started by the farmers from Kimball Brook Farm.

• IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST, Slow Money members and event attendees have invested in excess of $5 million, including a substantial investment in a new farm incubator and three other ventures.

• IN NORTH CAROLINA, over 80 loans ranging from $500 to $25,000, and totaling to more than $710,000, have been made to 30 small food enterprises, from beekeepers to small farmers, from a food coop to an organic cotton clothing maker.

• IN COLORADO, Localization Partners has been seeded with a ten year, $1.5 million loan at 0% interest, and an additional $1.2 million has been invested in Grant Family Farms, the region’s largest diversified organic farm.

• IN OHIO, 27 folks have invested $300,000 with Abby Turner in the operations of Lucky Penny Farm, a pastured farmstead and goat dairy.

• IN TEXAS, the newly formed local investment club has made a $3000 loan to Bastrop Cattle Company, a 100% grass fed local beef operation. The club has since made three additional loans. They have named themselves STIC – the Sustainable Texas Investment Club.

• IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, 17 Slow Money members are putting $3 million to work in Slow Opportunities for Investing Locally (SOIL). The Northern California chapter is also where the new national crowdfunding service Credibles got its start. 

• IN MAINE, members of the Slow Money network have provided $3.6 million to 55 small food enterprises and also launched the No Small Potatoes Investment Club, which has deployed 13 microloans totaling $52,500 so far.

IN THE GREATER BOSTON AREA, which has been hosting regular chapter meetings, one Slow Money member invested $5,000 in Tres Gatos, a local restaurant. City Feed and Supply, a neighborhood grocery and deli, received two loans totaling $10,000. An investment club, Sprout Lenders, has been formed with $35,000 committed from 14 people and has already made two investments. As of early 2013, Boston's series of local entrepreneur showcases have resulted in two local loans totalling to $45,000. 


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