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"The Slow Money Institute in Point Reyes was a great step towards funding strategies that can help small and medium size farms, farm businesses, and their communities become more sustainable."Richard Rominger, former deputy secretary at the US Department of Agriculture

"I have attended a lot of one day events. This one was truly one of the best ever." Mark Dowie, prize winning investigative journalist and author of Losing Ground: American Environmentalism at the Close of the 20th Century, commenting after the Slow Money Institute in Point Reyes, California

Slow Money Institutes

Central to Slow Money's mission is the building of regional stakeholder networks -- consisting of food entrepreneurs, NGO leaders, farmers, and investors committed to financing local food systems. Slow Money institutes bring together 50 to 100 of these individuals in each region to assess strategies for investing in local food systems in their communities. Slow Money has held institutes in Vermont, Northern California, Northwest Washington, the Greater Hudson Valley, and Wisconsin. Full notes from these institutes are available by clicking on the respective links.

Slow Money retained the California Environmental Associates to make sustainable agriculture maps of three regions: Vermont, New Orleans, and Wisconsin. Click here for the executive summaries of this work. For more information on the institutes, please contact Michael Bartner at michael (at) slowmoney (dot) org.

Investor Tool: Slow Money Due Diligence Primer, written by James Wildash and Dwayne Martin

Entrepreneur Tool: Private Placement Primer, written by John Friedman

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