Slow Money

Advisors, Founding Members and Stewards

"Slow Money could not be more relevant to our economic situation. We need true, grounded, fundamentally different approaches to investing in our agriculture and in our communities." Clifford C. David, Jr, president, Heritage Conservancy

Slow Money

Slow Money founding members – comprised of leaders in sustainable agriculture, organic food, social investing and philanthropy – are providing seed capital and strategic support for Slow Money. Some of our Founding Members are also advisors, providing dealflow, coinvestment, technical support and other assistance. We welcome you to join as a founding member with a contribution of $1000 or more here .


Mary Berry
The Berry Center Executive Director Mary Berry and her brother, Den Berry, were raised by their parents, Wendell and Tanya Berry, at Lanes Landing Farm in Henry County, Kentucky from the time she was six years old. Mary established The Berry Center in 2011. The focus of The Berry Center is on land use, farm policy, farmer education, urban education about farming, and local food infrastructure.

Judson Berkey
Judson is a managing director in the Group Operational Risk function at the Swiss bank UBS. Since the mid 1990's, he has researched and written about food and agriculture regulatory developments. He is the managing editor of two websites that focus on issues related to quality food.

Jim Cochran
Jim is the founder and president of Swanton Berry Farm, a mid-sized fruit and vegetable farm that is widely known for its leadership in organics and worker ownership. In 1987, Swanton Berry Farm became the first commercial strawberry farm to be certified organic. He is the co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of The Food Commons, a networked system of physical, financial, and organizational infrastructures that allows new local and regional markets to operate efficiently.

Michael Dimock
Michael spent seven years as a central player in the international Slow Food Movement, having been both Chairman of Slow Food USA and a member of the Slow Food International Board. He is currently President of Roots of Change, a statewide collaboration dedicated to creating a sustainable food system in California by the year 2030.

Anna Getty
Anna is a holistic lifestyle educator, activist and philanthropist.

Amy Goldman
Amy P. Goldman is a gardener, author, artist, philanthropist and advocate for heirloom fruits and vegetables. She is the author of several books on food, a trustee of the Lillian Goldman Charitable Trust, and Chair of the board of Seed Savers Exchange.

Joan Gussow
Joan is the author of This Organic Life, at the heart of which is the premise that locally grown food eaten in season makes sense economically, ecologically, and gastronomically. She is the former chair of the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation.coo

Janie Hoffman
Janie is the CEO & Founder of Mamma Chia, an organic, chia-based food and beverage company that donates 1% of its sales revenue to farmers, community groups and organizations that are building healthy, local food systems, including the Slow Money Soil Trust.

Frederick L. Kirschenmann
Fred, a longtime leader in national and international sustainable agriculture, is a Distinguished Fellow for the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University. He also oversees management of his family's 3,500-acre certified organic farm in south central North Dakota.

Bill McKibben
Bill McKibben is the author of a dozen books about the environment, beginning with The End of Nature in 1989, which is regarded as the first book for a general audience on climate change. He is a founder of the grassroots climate campaign, which has coordinated 15,000 rallies in 189 countries since 2009. Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College, he holds honorary degrees from a dozen colleges and was elected a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Martin Ping
Martin is the Executive Director of Hawthorne Valley Association, a leading biodynamic agriculture community and food enterprise in New York.

Odessa Piper
Odessa farmed for several years before founding L'Etoile Restaurant in Madison Wisconsin in 1976. She modeled her business practices on the principals of sustainable agriculture, attracting national attention to the process. Odessa transferred ownership of L'Etoile in 2005.

Matt Reynolds
Matt is the co-founder and President of Indigenous Designs Corporation. Matt has over 14 years experience in organic and fair trade cottage industry production and has been responsible for spearheading a new production financing model for fair trade knitting cooperatives throughout South America.

Richard Rominger
Richard was the Deputy Secretary (the number two position) at the U. S. Department of Agriculture in Washington, DC for eight years, where working to improve farm policy, including conservation programs and the establishment of the National Organic Standards, were among his many responsibilities. He also serves on the board of directors of the American Farmland Trust and the Roots of Change Council.

Don Shaffer
Don is President & CEO of RSF Social Finance, a nonprofit financial services organization inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner. Prior to joining RSF, Don served as Executive Director of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE).

Tom Stearns
Tom Stearns is the founder of High Mowing Organic Seeds, a 100% certified organic seed company. Tom has served on the board of numerous organizations, including the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont.

Judy Wicks
Judy is the Founder and CEO of the White Dog Café in Philadelphia. She is also co-founder and chair of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) and of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBA).

David Wolf
David is the Chief Investment Officer of BSW Wealth Partners, a Boulder-based investment firm with $650 million under management, and the founder of R3 Returns. He is a member of the board of directors of the University of Colorado at Boulder's Leeds School of Business, the CU Real Estate Council, the investment committee of Touchpoint Partners, and the advisory board of Greenmont Capital Partners.

Founding Members and Stewards

Founding members of the Slow Money Alliance have made contributions of $1,000 or more. Stewards have donated $5,000 to $100,000. To join either of these groups, go here.

Grant Abert
Grant Abert is an investor, philanthropist and social entrepreneur. He co-founded Sustain Dane, a member of the North American Eco-Municipality Network that is working to build ecologically, economically and socially healthy communities. He is past president of Threshold Foundation and a founder of the Donor Collaborative of Wisconsin, a forum for progressive donors in Wisconsin.

Jack Acree
Jack has been in the natural foods business since 1990 when he helped start Terra Chips. Jack has helped people as diverse as Jean Geroges Vongerichten and Eli Zabar bring their products to market and most recently helped to start ALEXIA Foods. Jack and his family have recently relocated from downtown Manhattan to a converted dairy barn in Ulster County, New York.

Mary Adams
Mary is the Principal of Sage Advice Marketing Consulting, LLC; specializing in natural, organic and sustainable businesses. Mary has seen first-hand how fast money can erode small business vision and passion, and would like to help slow the velocity of capital.

Sameer Advani
Sameer is an environmental engineer and a private investor from Pleasanton, California.

Martin Allen
Martin is an engaged citizen with east coast roots who is supportive of the Slow Money Principles. A lifelong passion and appreciation for real food, a 20 year career in the specialty foods industry, and a belief that radical change is necessary and underway ground him in the Slow Food and Slow Money movements.

Mary Anthony
Mary is the executive director of the 1772 Foundation, whose mission is to preserve and enhance American historical entities for future generations to enjoy. Mary has chickens, bees, an apple orchard, and a garden.

Josh Arnow
Josh has extensive experience in construction, real estate development and investment management. He currently serves as a director of the Arnow Family Fund, Earth University Foundation, Worldlink Foundation, and the Sustainability Laboratory. He also serves as a senior advisor to the Buckminster Fuller Challenge after serving on the Board of the Buckminster Fuller Institute for 22 years.

Jim Baird
Jim is the owner/operator of Baird Orchards and Cloudview Eco Educational Farms along with being a philanthropist, member of Threshold Foundation, and supporter of local food markets and alternative distribution systems.

Rico Baker and Cecile Desire
Rico is a 20-year aerospace engineering veteran and a yogi with close family ties to the land. Cecile is the founder of Khroma Yoga and a certified yoga professional. In "past lives" she worked as a marketing consultant for the investment banking industry. Cecile and Rico both live in Boulder, Colorado.

Ian and Margo Baldwin
Ian and Margo Baldwin are co-founders of Chelsea Green Publishing, the pre-eminent publisher of books on the politics and practice of sustainable living, including numerous leading titles in sustainable agriculture and organics.

Michael Baldwin
Michael is the founder and president of Baldwin Brothers, an investment advisory firm. He is also the founder of The Marion Institute, a non-profit organization, dedicated to teaching about alternative medicine and sustainability. He is a trustee of the Nathaniel Saltonstall Arts Fund and The Garfield Foundation.

Leslie Barclay
Leslie lives on Round the Bend Farm in South Dartmouth, MA which produces meat, eggs and vegetables for local markets.

Thelma Bartner
Thelma was born in 1922 and passed away in 2014. She was a Social Worker before retirement.

Eric Becker
Eric is a Vice President, Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst at Trillium Asset Management Corporation. Eric is also an advisory board member of The Carrot Project, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to financing small and midsized farmers.

Bill Benenson
Bill is the Executive Producer and Director of “Dirt: the Movie,” a witty yet poignant look at man’s relationship with dirt. Bill was an initial investor in Seeds of Change, and is active in The Frances and Benjamin Benenson Foundation.

Judson Berkey
Judson is a managing director in the Group Operational Risk function at the Swiss bank UBS. Since the mid 1990's, he has researched and written about food and agriculture regulatory developments. He is the managing editor of two websites that focus on issues related to quality food.

Cathy Berry
Cathy is managing director and one of the founders of Baldwin Investment Group, LLC, a small boutique investment management firm with approximately $300 million under management. Since 1997, she has been the financial advisor and active participant of the Sandy River Charitable Foundation, a family foundation with assets of about $40 million.

Connie Best
Connie is co-founder and co-CEO of Pacific Forest Trust, where she is a nationally recognized leader in harnessing the power of commerce to expand the conservation of forests for all the benefits they provide including wood, water, wildlife and a well-balanced climate. Previously she founded and managed Soho Natural Soda, the first all-natural soda pop, a revolutionary development in the beverage industry.

Allison Blanchard
Allison is an emergency room physician from Oklahoma. She permacultures her yard for food and buys as much as possible from the Oklahoma Food Coop.

Tara Bloyd
Tara is co-founder and president of Near Sea Naturals, a company committed to enhancing the demand for and availability of US-made sustainable fabrics. She and her family live in an off-the-grid house in rural New Mexico.

Jason Bradford
Jason is the co-founder of, a private equity fund that acquires conventional farmland and converts it to certified organic, sustainable farmland. Jason is a highly-regarded ecological scientist and expert in sustainability and relocalization. He is a fellow at the Post Carbon Institute, and helped found Willits Economic LocaLization (WELL).

Tad Brundage
Tad is President of Meridian Consulting Group, a boutique firm whose passion is to help sustainable businesses grow by managing and transferring risks.

Andy Buckingham and Robby Larkin
Andy and Robby co-own Growing Grace, a young for-profit social enterprise based in San Angelo and Austin, Texas whose mission is to "enable transition". Currently focusing on optimizing nutrition in communities' diets via strengthening localized food systems, the entrepreneurial focus is on a product line (enlivened raw "energy bars" and a potato chip substitute from kale) as well as a line of juice and smoothie shops and rawfood cafes called Daily Juice. Growing Grace recognizes the necessity to reconnect with the land and ourselves and is proud to be a part of the beginning of Slow Money.

Mary Burns
Mary is a private investor from Taos, New Mexico. She was previously a director of Investors' Circle.

Sallie Calhoun
Sallie is a private investor, high-tech entrepreneur, cattle rancher, and grass fed beef producer from Saratoga, California.

Linda Cartier
Linda is co-owner of Financial Decisions, a financial and lifestyle planning firm, in Sudbury, Ontario.

Claudia P. Casey
Claudia is a private investor from Peapack, New Jersey.

Kevin Casey
Kevin is the co-founder of Banyan Botanicals, an Ayurvedic herbal products company that helps people achieve and maintain health and well-being. Banyan specializes in supplying its customers with sustainably sourced, certified organic herbs.

Julia Cason
Julia is a private investor who lives in Carmel Valley, California. She is also a retired publisher of K-12 educational materials who hopes to impact education with Slow Money principles.

The Ceres Foundation
The Ceres Foundation, a Wisconsin based charitable foundation, focuses on organic agriculture.

Neil Chrisman
Neil was formerly the managing director of J.P. Morgan and now lives on a small farm in Sheffield, MA that collaborates with Moon in the Pond Farm. He is an active member of Slow Food and Berkshire Grown. Neil is the recent past chairman of Jacob's Pillow in Becket, Massachusetts.

Leslie Christian
Leslie is President and CEO of Portfolio 21 Investments, a pioneer in the field of social and environmental investing since 1982. Leslie is also Chair of the Board of Upstream 21 Corporation, a regional holding company that helps privately held small companies improve their financial, social and environmental performance.

Ed Church
Ed has been a social and environmental justice activist for over 30 years, as the Executive Director at the founding or initial stages of several successful nonprofits, the chief of staff of the Mayor of Berkeley, and currently the ED of the Institute for Environmental Entrepreneurship. He also serves on the Board of the Workforce Collaborative in Oakland.

Susan Clark
Susan is the executive director of the Columbia Foundation, which awards grants for sustainable food and farming, human rights, and the arts. She is a volunteer member of the board of directors of the Arkay Foundation and the Springcreek Foundation.

Jeff Clements
Jeff founded Clements Law Office, LLC in 2009 after service as Chief of the Public Protection and Advocacy Bureau in the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office and many years of public and private litigation practice. Clements Law Office, LLC focuses on litigation, appeals, public policy and advocacy for the public interest and public and private clients. Jeff has served as President of the Waldorf School Board of Trustees, the Portland Water District Board of Trustees, and on the boards of directors of several non-profit corporations and foundations.

Jim Cochran
Jim is the founder and General Manager of Swanton Berry Farm, a mid-sized fruit and vegetable farm that is widely known for its leadership in organics and worker ownership. Jim is a member of the Roots of Change Fund’s Stewardship Council, comprised of California food system leaders.

Alexandra Coe
Alexandra is a private investor from Minneapolis, whose totem animal is the tortoise. She likes the idea of slow money because she believes that earning a good return is an important thing, but not THE most important thing.

Ben Cohen
Ben is the co-founder of Ben & Jerry's. He also founded Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities and TrueMajority.

Eliot Coleman
Eliot owns and operates Four Season Farm, a year-round market garden in Harborside, Maine. The author of The New Organic Grower (Chelsea Green, rev. 1995) and Four Season Harvest (Chelsea Green, rev. 1999), Eliot is widely respected as one of the nation’s leading thinkers and doers in the field of sustainable agriculture.

Katherine Collins
Katherine is Founder and CEO of Honeybee Capital, an independent research firm focused on pollinating ideas that reconnect investing to the real world... not the one on the screen.

Mary Ann Crayton
Mary Ann works for the environment, for peace and justice and the welfare of farmed animals. She lives in Chesterton, Indiana.

Tim Crosby
Tim is the Network Coordinator for The Northwest Agriculture Business Center, where he focuses on building the relational, logistical, and technical networks for the Puget Sound Food Network. He is a trustee of the Carolyn Foundation and a partner with Social Venture Partners.

Paul Cultrera
Paul is the General Manager of the Sacramento Natural Foods Cooperative. He has 25 years of experience working with natural food and is the recipient of the National Cooperative Business Association Service Award.

Clifford C. David, Jr.
Cliff is President of the Heritage Conservancy, a leader in land and historic preservation throughout eastern Pennsylvania and western central New Jersey

Duco Delgorge
Duco is the founder and president of MIE PROJECT Co., Ltd., a company that imports and sells top quality organic and fair trade products in Japan. He is planning a new corporate model which retains the positive elements of the limited liability company model, but discards all of the dysfunctional elements. It is called The Unlimited Dream Company.

Ari Derfel
Ari opened Gather, an all organic restaurant in Berkeley, California. He is the founder of Back to Earth Catering. In 2008 he received international attention for his reality challenging project of saving every single piece of his trash for an entire year during 2007.

Amy Dickie
Amy is an Associate for both the California Environmental Associates & the Sea Change Investment Fund. She was one of the early staff members of Investors’ Circle, where she helped position that innovative non-profit financial intermediary for significant growth.

Paul Dolan
During his 27 years at Fetzer Vineyards, 12 as president, Paul led a transformation that put the company at the forefront of organic viticulture and sustainable business. Paul recently purchased the Parducci winery and created the Mendocino Wine Company (MWC), a partnership of the Dolan and Thornhill families.

Cathleen Dorinson
Cathleen is a private investor from Point Reyes Station, California.

Penelope Douglas
Penelope is President & co-founder of Pacific Community Ventures (PCV). PCV's mission is to provide resources and capital to businesses that have the potential to bring significant economic gains to low and moderate income communities throughout California.

Sid Dubose
Sid is a private investor from Blanco, Texas where he has a market garden and grass fed beef on one thousand acres of family land known as The Golden Rule Ranch. Sid is a member of the Threshold Foundation. He has a bachelors degree in economics from Saint Mary's University in San Antonio.

Susan Eisen
Susan is an artist, teacher, and philanthropist who has made conscious environmental living a cornerstone of her daily life. As a longtime organic gardener, she is actively engaged in supporting local co-ops and growers and sharing this important awareness with others.

Rick Englert
Rick is a long time environmental student who is presently trying to demonstrate sustainable food production in his traditional English walled kitchen garden.

Bob Estrin
Bob is a private investor and manages a working ranch in northern New Mexico. He serves as President of the John M. Lloyd Foundation, a Los Angeles-based private family foundation.

Jodie Evans
Jodie Evans has been a community, social and political organizer for the last 35 years. She is co-founder of CODEPINK: Women for Peace, and has spent the last 7 years working to end the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. She serves on many boards including Rainforest Action Network, Women's Media Center, Sisterhood Is Global Initiative and Drug Policy Alliance.

David Feinberg
David brings over 20 years of corporate law experience to the formation and growth of The Feinberg Law Group, LLC. David has served on numerous boards of directors, including the boards of The IC Foundation, New Profit, Inc., and The Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth. He was previously a director of Investors' Circle.

Stephen Feldman
Stephen is a private investor from Seattle, Washington.

Theodosia Ferguson
Theo has been an active sustainability advocate for over 35 years. She is the founder of Vital Systems, a worker-owned California Flexible Purpose Corporation that delivers bookkeeping and tracking services for local investors, offers business reporting for food entrepreneurs, and provides a marketplace for food business knowledge at

Jesse and Betsy Fink
Jesse and Betsy established Millstone Farm, an incubator for adaptive solutions for community-based energy and agriculture. Betsy manages the farm and is dedicated to expanding the networks for local food production and consumption working with local restaurants and markets. Jesse is a founding partner of MissionPoint Capital Partners and was the founding COO of

Robert Fireman
Robert is a practicing attorney in Massachusetts, an investor and developer of new businesses across a variety of industries. He is a founder and CEO of Sky Vegetables, a company building commercial hydroponic farms on the unused flat roofs of cities across America.

Kay Firor
Kay is president of Blue Mountain Solar, Inc. a small company that installs photovoltaic systems. She is also an instructor of mathematics at Eastern Oregon University.

Debbie Fischer
Debbie is a private investor from Vancouver, Washington.

Georgette Frazer
Georgette has been in the SRI industry for 24 years as a financial advisor practicing in Central Wisconsin – in the heart of dairy country. She is an investment advisory representative of First Affirmative Financial Network and has served on the boards of Central City Credit Union, Main Street Marshfield, and the Marshfield Area Community Foundation.

Rian Fried
Rian is the co-founder and president of Clean Yield Asset Management, a 25 year old socially responsible money management firm. He has served on many boards, including the Vermont Community Loan Fund and Chittenden Bank's Socially Responsible Bank Board.

Pam and Tim Gallivan
Pam and Tim are private investors from New York City, New York.

Maria Galpin
Maria is originally from Ireland and now lives in Canada where she is an active gardener and sustainability advocate.

Deborah Koons Garcia
Deborah is a filmmaker from Mill Valley, California. Her film the Future of Food has been shown in theaters, festivals and citizen-organized gatherings all over the world.

Jim Gerber
Jim, an arborist living in Florida, by way of inspiration and challenge, works in full cooperation with natural laws to enliven fertility in earths soils.

Anna Getty
Anna is a holistic lifestyle educator, activist and philanthropist.

Angie Giustina
Angie is a private investor from Boulder, Colorado. 

Alison Goldberg
Alison coordinates Wealth for the Common Good, a network of business leaders and wealthy individuals that support progressive tax reform. She is the co-author of Creating Change Through Family Philanthropy: The Next Generation.

Amy Goldman 
Amy P. Goldman is a gardener, author, artist, philanthropist and advocate for heirloom fruits and vegetables. She is the author of several books on food, a trustee of the Lillian Goldman Charitable Trust, and Chair of the board of Seed Savers Exchange.

Ellen Goldman
Ellen is a private contributor from Laguna Beach, California who has been involved with vegetarianism, health food, organic food, home birth, midwifery, and spirituality. All this is focusing towards sustainability and the health of the both the micro- and macrocosm. 

Randy Goldstein
Randy is a private investor from Berkeley, California.

Jim Gould
Jim is the CEO at Community Funding Partners. Previously, he was the senior vice president at Advest.

Wade Greene
Wade is a philanthropic advisor to the Rockefeller Family & Associates concentrating on issues involving international security, the environment, alternative energy, voter participation and the media. Wade is a former editor of Newsweek, The New York Times Magazine and The Saturday Review, and wrote the report of the Commission on Private Philanthropy and Public Needs.

Joan Gussow
Joan is the author of This Organic Life, at the heart of which is the premise that locally grown food eaten in season makes sense economically, ecologically, and gastronomically. She is the former chair of the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation.

Fred Haberman
Fred is the co-founder and CEO of Haberman, a Minneapolis-based brand public relations firm that tells the stories of pioneers who are making the world a better place. The firm specializes in creating national movements that spark positive change in the food, health and sustainability sectors, including its own effort to inspire businesses to support sustainable food production and reduce health care costs by creating employer-sponsored gardens.

Mike Hannigan
Mike is the co-founder of Give Something Back an Oakland, California based office products company that donates its profits to local non-profit organizations. GSB has become the largest independent office supply company in the western region and has given over 4 million dollars back to impact local communities.

Sarah Harman
Sarah is developer and advocate of urban green housing and sustainable communities. Through Powerhousing llc, a Denver-based real estate services and consulting agency she founded, Sarah works on issues of housing affordability for under-served persons in over-developed areas.

Dale Hendricks
Dale is a horticulturalist who is dedicated to organic, renewable and carbon negative growing of food and woodland perennial crops.

Arno Hesse
Arno works with organizations on culture change, engaging with corporations, non-profits, and media. Recently, he was Executive Vice President at Union Bank in California. He is an investor and advisor for Bernal Bucks, a community finance initiative in San Francisco.

Carol Peppe Hewitt
Carol is co-founder of Slow Money North Carolina and author of Financing Our Foodshed: Growing Local Food With Slow Money. A small business owner, and ardent local food activist, Carol is determined to move several million dollars of Slow Money into small farms and food businesses in NC – fast.

Janie Hoffman
Janie Hoffman is the CEO & Founder of Mamma Chia, an organic, chia-based food and beverage company that donates 1% of its sales revenue to farmers, community groups and organizations that are building healthy, local food systems.

Wendy Holding
Wendy is a Trustee and Portfolio Manager at The Sustainability Group, a wealth management practice founded by Amy Domini that works to align clients’ investments with their values. Wendy also serves on the Board of Directors for the Harvest Cooperative Markets.

Gail Holmes

Gail lives in a cohousing community focused on sustainable living in Hartland, Vermont.

Ulrich Honighausen
Ulrich is president of Hausenware and American Pioneer Manufacturing. Ulrich is committed to bringing manufacturing back to local communities and is re-purposing a ceramic factory in the Ohio Valley with modern equipment to bring mug and accessory manufacturing back to the USA.

Pam and Andy Horowitz
Pam and Andy are social enterprise investors from Laguna Beach, California.

Joseph Hyde
Joseph has devoted his career to developing and financing entrepreneurial businesses. In 1998 he participated in the formation of Clearwater Systems Corp., which has since become a worldwide pioneer in chemical-free water treatment. Joe is a graduate of Yale University and the Stanford University Graduate School of Business Administration.

Larry Jacobs
Larry is one of the pioneers of the organic food industry and is the founder of Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo.

Julie Johnson
Julie is the Managing Director of Fresh Pond Capital in Boston, Massachusetts and has worked in socially responsible investing since 1998. Julie is active in supporting local agriculture and children through her work with Waltham Fields Community Farm and The Food Project.

Brian Joiner
Brian is co-founder and President of Sustain Dane, an environmental non-profit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin. Previously, Brian was Chairman and co-owner of Joiner Associates, a nationally recognized management consulting firm. Thirty years ago he was one of the originators of the Minitab statistical software system which is still in widespread use by corporations today.

Deborah Kane
Deborah is the National Director of the USDA’s Farm to School Program.

Michael Kanter
Michael is a co-founder of Cambridge Naturals, a community natural health store which has been, since 1974, a pioneer in organics and fair trade. In 2005, he helped found Cambridge Local First.

Mel Kaplan
Mel is CEO of Wellington Financial Group, an entity which invests in commercial real estate nationally. In 1987 Mel and his wife founded The Harry Singer Foundation, a nonprofit educational operating foundation dedicated to youth development.

Trish Karter
Trish is CEO and cofounder of Dancing Deer Baking Company. She is on the board of Social Venture Network.

Jonathan Katz
Jonathan is the founder and ceo of Cinnabar, one of the entertainment industry's leading designer/builders, based in Los Angeles, California. Recently, Jonathan was the Executive Producer of the Natural History Museum exhibits for the new California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.

Patty Kestin
Patty is a volunteer attorney and community activist working to ensure equal access to the courts, healthcare and education for low-income families. She is a Director of the Buhai Center for Family Law.

Scott Killips
Scott is the Co-Founder of Preserve Capital Group. Preserve Capital invests in high potential companies that are good for us and our planet. Preserve’s current portfolio includes two sustainable fish companies as well as three natural/organic food companies.

Peter D. Kinder
A pioneer in socially responsible investing, Peter has served since 1988 as President of KLD Research & Analytics, Inc., which provides social and environmental research to hundreds of institutional investors. Peter has co-authored three books on social investing and written dozens of articles for publication on four continents.

Eleanor Kinney
Eleanor is a Founder and Vice-President of the No Small Potatoes Investment Club. She is on the Slow Money Maine steering committee and is an investor in several food businesses around the state. She serves on the board of Maine Farmland Trust and is a member of the Environmental Funders Network, a group of foundations and philanthropists making grants to Maine nonprofits.

Salley Knight
Salley grew up on a farm in Virginia where her mother raised Ayrshire cattle, subscribed to Acres magazine and promoted organic food and farming. Salley now lives in Brookline, Massachusetts where she is an artist (who loves organic and/or locally grown food).

Eric and Johanna Chao Kreilick
Eric's career has spanned working in the lumber industry to being a program officer at a foundation. Johanna works at the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations at the Kennedy School at Harvard and serves as Vice-President on the board at Third Sector New England.

Chuck Lacy
Chuck Lacy is co-founder of the Rotokawa Cattle Co., selling breeding stock to leading grass fed beef producers nationally. He is co-funder of Hardwick Beef, the largest distributor of grass fed beef in the northeast. He produces grass fed beef on his family farm in Vermont and is the former President of Ben & Jerry's.

Peter Lamb
Peter Lamb is an independent philanthropic advisor providing counsel & philanthropic solutions for family foundations, non profit organizations, individuals and their advisors. He is a trustee of several private foundations including his own currently fourth generation family foundation based in the mid-Hudson River Valley. He is a board member of the Maine Community Foundation and a Senior Fellow at The Philanthropic Initiative.

Jylle Lardaro
Jylle is the Director of Organic Industry Alliances for New Hope Natural Media, founder of the Natural Products Expo and publisher of many leading food periodicals. Previously, Jylle worked in marketing and store leadership for Whole Foods Market.

Robert Lateiner
Rob co-founded the Brooklyn Grange, the world's first commercially viable rooftop farm. He studied Systems Design at Prescott College in northern Arizona.

Jonathan Lee
Jonathan is the director and producer of the documentary "Paul Goodman Changed My Life," (1/2011) and the president of the JSL Foundation based in Falmouth, Maine. He founded and directed the Maine Speakout Project (1995-2001).

Ken Lee and Caryl Levine
Ken and Caryl are the founders and owners of Lotus Foods, whose vision is to promote the welfare of people and planet by working with small-scale rice farmers to preserve biodiversity, grow rice sustainably and improve their well-being.

Janaki LeFils
Janaki is a community activist in Boulder promoting community supported radio through fundraising and producing news and public affairs programming. She owned one of Colorado's first CSA's, Gabriel Farm, and helped start a Waldorf school. She is an avid permaculturist.

Eleanor & Albert Leger
Eleanor and Albert invested their life's savings in an abandoned dairy farm in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. They are raising an organic orchard of heirloom and cider varieties of apples, and producing ice cider, a delicious dessert wine made from apples. Their goal is to grow a successful business using green, sustainable and organic practices and help improve the economy, community and beauty of their little corner of Vermont.

Karen Lehman
Karen is the director of Fresh Taste, a funder collaborative dedicated to advancing the growth of diverse local agriculture and healthy eating in the Chicago region. Karen has worked on food systems for nearly three decades at local, national and international levels, for organizations that include the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Rodale Press, the Minnesota Project, and the Youth Farm and Market Project, which she co-founded.

Brook and Rose Le Van
Brook and Rose Le Van are co-founders of Sustainable Settings, a non-profit land-based demonstration and research institute established in 1997 as a working ranch and Whole Systems Learning Center near Carbondale, Colorado. Sustainable Settings is a place and program devoted to building positive futures by curing systems' blindness in our culture and by reviving local decentralized food and energy production and distribution systems, the bedrock of resilient communities.

Christopher Lindstrom
Chris is a founding board member of BerkShares, a local currency for the Southern Berkshire region. Since 2003, he has worked for the Schumacher Society.

Grant Lundberg
Grant has been the CEO at Lundberg Family Farms since 1997. Since 1937, the Lundberg Family has been growing rice and producing rice products at their farms in the Sacramento Valley. Lundberg Family Farms uses organic and eco-positive farming practices to produce wholesome, healthful rice products while protecting and improving the environment for future generations.

Alexandra Lynch
Alexandra is a private investor living in Hatfield, Massachusetts.

Mary Maller
Mary is a community educator/organizer focused on issues of sustainability. She works to engage others in giving support, including financial support to local farmers who grow healthy food.

Patrick Malone
Patrick lives and works in Santa Fe, NM as an investor for the common good through innovation and quality relationships. He appreciates and advocates for a beyond organic localized biodiverse food system and trained at The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts. He cooked for over 6 years professionally.

Bob and Pamela Mang
Bob and Pamela have pioneered the bringing of regenerative approaches to land, community and economic development. Based in Santa Fe, NM, they are founders of Regenesis, Regenerative Communities Group, and the New Mexico chapter of The New Voice of Business.

Regina Manian
Regina is the co-founder of TerraVita Springs, a community-based working and educational farm located on 166 acres in Ashland, Oregon. TerraVita Springs offers programs and workshops that inspire, support and empower others to live a conscious eco-based lifestyle in harmony with the natural world.

Carol Master
Carol Master is a private investor.

Ken Merritt
Ken is the Managing Director of Merritt & Merritt & Moulton, a law firm based in Burlington, Vermont. He is an active angel investor and member of Investors’ Circle. He is the President and founder of the Vermont Venture Network and Co-Chair of the Vermont Investors’ Forum.

Diane Edgerton Miller
Diane is the President and CEO of the Blue Moon Fund, a pioneer in mission-related investing.

Hinda Miller
Hinda is currently a Democratic member of the Vermont State Senate, especially passionate about the creative and innovative economy. She is a co-founder of Jogbra, a maker of women's sports apparel currently owned by Sara Lee Corp. She is also on the Board of Directors of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

Tom Miller
Tom is the former head of Program Related Investing at the Ford Foundation. In 1973 he became the president of the London, Kentucky based Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation (KHIC), where Tom established a development venture capital strategy to achieve economic development, job creation, and poverty reduction in Appalachian Kentucky. KHIC is considered one of the most successful development venture capital groups in the United States.

Joel C. Millonzi
Joel is a private investor living in the Berkshires.

Merry Muraskin
Merry is a private investor from New York City, New York.

Mariel Nanasi
Mariel is a civil rights lawyer, an investor in Morningstar Farms in Taos, New Mexico and is a Senior Policy Advisor with the New Energy Economy in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Carol Newell and Joel Solomon
Carol and Joel are the founders of Renewal Partners and the Endswell Foundation, leaders in sustainable venture investing in the Pacific Northwest.

Anthony Nicalo
Anthony is the founder of Farmstead Wines, a distributor of authentic wines made by small, sustainable farmers. He is co-founder of the non-profit, Farmfed and director of a personal chef service, Inevitable Table. His latest project is introducing you to the people who produce your food through ProvenanceID.

Christine Nielson
Christine Nielson is the founder of Coyuchi, Inc, the first maker of organic cotton bedding products in the United States. An early organic cotton activist, Nielson helped found, and was a board member for, both the National Organic Cotton Association and the Organic Fiber Council, a division of the Organic Trade Council, a division of the Organic Trade Association.

Susan O’Connor
Susan is a private investor from Clinton, Montana.

David O’Leary
David tries to support his advocacy for environmental and social justice through investments in the restorative economy. He is a resident of Takoma Park, Maryland.

Sheryl O'Loughlin
Formerly CEO of ClifBar, Sheryl is the CEO and Co-Founder of Nest Collective, a healthy food company whose purpose is to nourish a new generation of healthy families through a portfolio of mission based brands. Revolution Foods and Plum Organics are two brands dedicated to kids; working to make the world a yummier, healthier and more organic place to eat.

Debra Deanne Olson
Debra is the Founding Chair and CEO of Green Century Solutions. She servesas Trustee of the New Visions Foundation in Santa Monica and on the Board of Directors of Youth Entrepreneurship & Sustainability (YES). Debra is a member of The Clinton Global Initiative in NYC and serves on the Hillary Women's Business Council.

Mike Ortosky
Mike is a landscape architect and soil scientist from Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Paul Parker
Paul launched the Cape Cod Fisheries Trust (CCFT) in 2008 to respond to mounting threats to fish populations, fishermen and their communities. Paul is raising funds to buy cod and scallop quota which is then leased to independent, small scale sustainable fishermen at affordable rates.

Michael Parsons
Michael started Growing Spaces LLC in 1989 out of a love affair with the idea "doing more with less", and the geodesic designs of Buckminster Fuller. Growing Spaces provides the most energy efficient greenhouse on the market today, while educating clients to live a lifestyle of sustainable balance and a respect for Nature as Teacher. The company is committed to demonstrating that we can be economically viable while remaining environmentally sensitive and socially responsible.

Matt Patsky
Matt is CEO of Trillium Asset Management, a pioneer and leader in sustainable and responsible investing for high net worth individuals and institutions. He has over 25 years of experience in investment research and investment management, and is widely considered an expert in sustainable and environmental investing. Matt serves on the Board of Root Capital, which provides financing to sustainable businesses in the developing world, and is a member of the Social Venture Network (SVN).

Robert Pekin
Robert is the founder of Australia's most successful multi-farmer CSA, Food Connect, based in Brisbane, Queensland. He set up the Food Connect Foundation which will auspice innovative sustainable agriculture projects such as the New Farmers Pathway, Participatory Farmers Assessment guarantee system, and the Food Connect Farmland Trust which aims to secure peri-urban, agricultural land for ecological farming in perpetuity.

Jamie Phillips
Jamie is a very local, very slow investor from Essex, New York. He works on habitat connectivity, food systems and community development. He's on the boards of Wildfarm Alliance, Eddy Foundation and Black Kettle Farm.

Martin Ping
Martin is the Executive Director of Hawthorne Valley Association, a leading biodynamic agriculture community and food enterprise in New York.

Odessa Piper
Odessa farmed for several years before founding L'Etoile Restaurant in Madison Wisconsin in 1976. She modeled her business practices on the principals of sustainable agriculture, attracting national attention to the process. Odessa transferred ownership of L'Etoile in 2005.

Scott Price
Scott has worked over 30 years in the natural foods business, including 20 years with Whole Foods Market. In 2009 Scott created SRP Consulting to pursue his passion of assisting in the growth of sustainable businesses related to energy, organic gardening/farming and healthy living. He lives in Wimberley, Texas.

Louisa Putnam
Louisa is a psychotherapist and energy worker. She keeps bees, goats and chickens at her small farm in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Simon Rich
Simon is the former Chairman and CEO of Louis Dreyfus Natural Gas. He has a solar powered organic grass fed cattle farm in North Carolina, and chairs several NGOs, including the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) in North Carolina.

Elisabeth Rix
Elisabeth is the board chair of Pie Ranch, an educational, non-profit farm on the San Mateo coast. She is past board chair of IDEX, a San Francisco-based NGO that promotes grassroots solutions to poverty, with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture, in nine countries in Asia, Africa and Central America.

David Robinov
David has been a leading member of the Natural Products Industry since 1978. He created the Chinese herbal-based soft drink, China Cola, one of the top selling new age soft drinks in the Natural Products Marketplace. In 2001, David co-founded Organic Brands, LLC. and developed the very successful brand, Mediterranean Organic.

Abby Rockefeller and Lee Halprin
Abby and Lee are active across a range of social and environmental issues.

Peter Rogers
Peter spent 25 years in technology investment banking, most of that time with Robertson Stephens and Bear Stearns. Peter Rogers is a founder of Dry Creek Ventures, which invests in early stage organic food companies.

Alexandra Rome
Alexandra is an environmentalist, gardener and private investor. She's a Board member of Rare, an international conservation organization, and lives in Mill Valley, California and Livingston, Montana.

Edward & Catherine Romer
Edward & Catherine are private investors from Wilton, Connecticut.

Nancy Rose
Nancy is a student of sustainability from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Jeff Rosen
Jeff serves as the director of Finance and Administration for Massachusetts-based Solidago Foundation, for whom he leads the program related investments. Prior to working for Solidago, Jeff worked for more than 20 years in the food sector, owning his own businesses and serving as a senior financial officer for national restaurant chains.

Ted Rouse
Ted was a partner in Struever Bros Eccles and Rouse, a builder and redeveloper of vacant, brownsfield and historic urban properties in the Mid Atlantic for 30 years . Currently Ted is a promoter of urban agriculture and partner in Big City Farms, a solar greenhouse, urban ag grower and aggregator of local organic produce . Ted was founding member of the local BALLE Chapter, Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance.

Bonnie Rukin
Bonnie is a social change activist and investor from Camden, Maine. She has worked as a teacher, organic farmer, lay homeopath and non-profit leader for decades and her values and actions have focused on sustainability in organizations and related areas of health, education, social justice, environment and agriculture.

Johnny Sacko
Johnny is organizing a sustainable and restorative triple bottom line intentional community and healing center in Santa Barbara, California.

Janice St. Onge
Janice is the Deputy Director of the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund (VSJF) and the Peer to Peer Collaborative’s CEO advisory program. The VSJF is a not-for-profit that provides grants and technical assistance to Vermont’s natural resource and green economy businesses.

Matt Sanford
Matt is a private investor, author, and founder of Mind Body Solutions, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to a simple, yet universal message — minds and bodies work better together. In 2008, Matt received $100,000 for the charity of his choice as a winner of the 6th Annual Volvo For Life Awards.

Lisa Satara Bixby
Lisa is an educator, activist and mother of three young children from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Simran Sethi
Simran is an environmental journalist and associate professor of journalism and mass communications at the University of Kansas focusing on environmental justice and sustainable food systems.

Robin Seydel
Robin is the membership and community development coordinator at La Montanita Co-op in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she has worked on building the local food system and alternative economy for 25 years.

Don Shaffer
Don is President & CEO of RSF Social Finance, a nonprofit financial services organization inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner. Prior to joining RSF, Don served as Executive Director of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE).

Julia Shanks
 Julia Shanks is the regional leader of Slow Money Greater Boston and is a member of Sprout Lenders investment club.  She is the author of The Farmer’s Kitchen, and creates custom cookbooks for small farmers seeking a way to build loyalty with their customers. 

George Siemon
George is the CEO and a founding farmer of Organic Valley Family of Farms.

Marcia Sitcoske
Marcia is a private investor who lives in San Francisco. She is an environmental activist and sustainability advocate.

Lee Slaff
Lee is a commercial real estate broker, avid gardener, and environmentalist from Santa Cruz, California. She is active in many community and government boards, commissions and projects.

Chuck Slotkin
Chuck is the founder and Managing Director of Nature’s Equity LLC, an investment banking firm focusing on the natural products industry. For 20 years, he has enjoyed working with entrepreneurs who have built successful organic and other sustainable product businesses around superior quality products and a commitment to corporate responsibility.

Alison Smith
Alison Smith has been working on clean elections for close to 20 years. She lives in Portland, Maine.

Sunshine Smith
Sunshine is the founder of Margaritaville along with Jimmy Buffett. She lives in Liberty Hill, South Carolina where she grows organic vegetables and rides horses.

Ellen Starr
Ellen is the founder of Water's Edge Events, a "green" conference and event planning and project management company located in Santa Monica, California.

Hugo and Monica Steensma
Hugo is the managing director of Sustainable Asset Management USA, an investment group that focuses exclusively on sustainable investments. The firm's investment products include asset management, indexes and private equity. Hugo and Monica are active in a variety of sustainability related activities and initiatives.

Greg Steltenpohl
Greg was founder and CEO of Odwalla. He is currently the CEO of Adina World Beat Beverages.

Tim Storrow
Tim is the Executive Director of the Castanea Foundation, a private operating foundation focusing on farmland conservation, affordable farm access, and agricultural development in Vermont and eastern New York. He has been active in the conservation field for over 25 years.

Duke Stump
Duke is the founder of The Northstar Manifesto, a brand strategy studio focused on cultivating cultural shifts and building bonfires with soul. Duke was previously chief marketing officer at Seventh Generation and a senior executive at NIKE.

Alma Sychuk 
Alma is a retired real estate agent who now lives in Green Valley, Arizona. 

Paul Sytsma
Paul is a private investor and technologist turned food entrepreneur in Oakland, California.

Christopher Taylor
Christopher is the Director of FOOD FIGHT, a documentary about the rise of the progressive food movement in America. He is also the co-founder of SOLE Media, a production company with a mission to identify, develop and serve the media needs of the sustainable, organic and local food communities by producing enlightening and entertaining filmed content for traditional and emerging media platforms.

Rob Thomas
Rob is founder and President of Social(k), the nation's leading SRI retirement plan platform.

Mikel Thomas
Mikel is a land and property manager who lives in Snowmass, Colorado.

Lisa Thoms
Lisa is a Prosthodontist in Kenmore, Washington trying to make a difference.

CC Ulatowski
CC is a private investor from Dobbs Ferry, New York.

Frank van Beuningen and Margaret McGovern
Frank and Margaret are Amsterdam-based private investors. A long-time member of Social Venture Network, Frank is a successful entrepreneur and founder of the PYMWYMIC venture fund, dedicated to socially responsible private companies.

Peter Vandermark
Peter is a photojournalist and former professor of journalism at Boston University who lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He is currently a partner at Now or Never Media producing and directing videos that deal with social and environmental issues.

Marco Vangelisti
Marco worked for 20 years in the finance and investment management industry. Now he is working full time for the Great Turning of which Slow Money is a key component. Marco lives in Berkeley, California

Greg Vaut
Greg has spent close to 40 years in agriculture, agribusiness and the food industry. He is now working as an international development consultant working in agriculture and economic growth.

Jeff Wade
Jeff is a private investor from San Luis Obispo, California. Jeff plans to use his marketing and business development skills to build an active Slow Money group on the Central Coast linking the many small farms with supporting resources they need to flourish. Jeff and Nell Wade are cultivating their own property and may one day become a small food enterprise themselves.

Sanjay Wagle

Sanjay is the Renewable Energy Advisor for Recovery Act implementation at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Office of the Secretary. He comes to DOE from Silicon Valley, where he was a Principal in the CleanTech Group of the venture capital firm VantagePoint Venture Partners. Previously, Sanjay was a Founding Principal of Expansion Capital Partners, one of the early venture capital firms investing in clean technologies, and prior to that he served as an Investment Officer at the International Finance Corporation, a unit of the World Bank.

Mary Waldner and Dale Rodrigues
Mary and Dale are the founders of Mary's Gone Crackers, manufacturer of organic, gluten free crackers and snacks.

Andrew Wallerstein
Andrew is the CEO and a Principal of Avalon Trust, an investment advisory firm and trust company in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Avalon manages several hundred million dollars of assets for individuals, foundations and trusts throughout the U.S. and abroad. Andrew is a board member of numerous nonprofits including organizations working in education and the arts.

Gregory Whitehead
Gregory Whitehead is an award winning writer and producer of programs for the BBC and other broadcasters. He is treasurer of The Whitehead Foundation and an environmental donor and activist.

Judy Wicks
Judy is the Founder and CEO of the White Dog Café in Philadelphia. She is also co-founder and chair of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) and of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBA).

Craig Wichner
Craig is the co-founder of, a private equity fund that acquires conventional farmland and converts it to certified organic, sustainable farmland. Over the past twenty years in private equity, Craig has built successful for-profit companies to deliver social benefit, such as automating workplace charitable giving programs and developing a treatment for metastatic brain cancer.

Tom Willits
Tom Willits is a trustee of the Lydia B. Stokes Foundation, which is committed to the Quaker philosophy of empowering people to help themselves, and which grants in the areas of sustainability, education, women's issues, the environment, peace and social justice.

Helen Winebaum
Helen is passionate about sustainability and conservation. She has been instrumental in conserving thousands of acres of land through the York Land Trust in Maine.

The Woodcock Foundation
The Woodcock Foundation seeks to empower unusually able individuals to advance the causes of social entrepreneurship, sustainable food systems, and land conservation through engaged grantmaking and impact investing.

Christiana Wyly
Christiana is a private investor from Topanga, California.

Toshiya Yoshikai
Toshiya is a founding board member of Slow Food Japan and is a representative of SFJ in the Tokyo Office. He is an editor and a publisher of Japan's Slow Food magazine and is doing a translation of "Slow Money" in Japanese.

Justine Zang and Ron Woloshun
Justine has spent 15 years in management consulting and is an expert in collaboration and strategic alliances. Ron is an independent Creative Director who has launched sustainable brands in the high tech and wine industries. They live in Sonoma County, California.

Robert Zevin
Robert is often referred to as the father of the socially responsible investment movement. He currently heads his own investment firm specializing in responsible investing with good financial returns. He has been a leader in anti-war, anti-apartheid, civil rights, economic justice, economic democracy and sustainability movements throughout his life. He played an active role in the founding of the Calvert Social Investment Fund.

Monette Zorich
Monette is a private investor from Oakland, California.

In addition, one founding member wishes to remain anonymous.

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